Best Large Dog Crate (Kennel) 2019 – From 48 To 72 Inch Dog Crate

Best Overall Crate for a  Large Dog

MidWest iCrate Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

When you combine durability, 2 door entry for placement options and fold down storage  with the price these crates are a great value.

These crates are on the lower end of the price range ($68-$76) and are durable.

The company has been in business for 90 years and prides itself on quality.

Top Pick Overall for Space and Safety in the 72 inch Dog Crate

Lucky Dog European Style Modular Kennel with Predator

With a durable solid design combined with the large space and modular adaptability to change the panels to different configurations this is an excellent xl dog crate or 2 dog crate.

Vertical bar design will decrease the chances of getting a paw or mouth stuck for dogs that are high energy or anxious.

This is the expensive one at $874 but would be a great one time investment for big dogs.

Best Dog Crate for Escape Artists

G1 Large Dog Crate

This crate is made with double wall molded plastic, locking latch and a lifetime manufacturer guarantee. This may be better viewed as an investment than a purchase.

It’s on the high end of the price scale at about $700 with shipping but is worth it with the durability and warranty if you have a dog that destroys crates.

What Makes The Best Large Dog Crate For You

It’s important to make a clear decision about what your are trying to accomplish with your crate.

  • Are you house training?
  • Is your dog still growing?
  • Will you be traveling? By airline?
  • Are you limited on space?
  • Do you need versatility?
  • How much can you spend?

After answering all of these questions for yourself you can review the specifications for the dog crates available and decide what’s going to be your best large dog crate.

We often look at crates based on dog’s weight capacity but it’s important to consider height and length. The needs are different between an overweight 100 lb labrador and a tall thin 100 lb Great Dane.

How Do You Succeed in Using Your Crate?

There’s a lot of debate out there about dog crates. What’s the controversy?

Is it unpleasant or frightening for a dog to be crated?

It’s natural for dogs to sleep and rest in small spaces. Crates should not be frightening.

The way to make this a positive experience for your dog is through proper training.

  • Introduce the crate as a comfortable quiet space not a punishment.
  • Consider some positive encouragement like placing your dog’s favorite toy in the crate.
  • Revue the recommendations for frequency of taking your dog out based on age.
  • Leave the door open initially and allow your dog to go in and out on their own.
  • Don’t put the crate in a location that might startle your dog like near a noisy appliance.
  • Make sure they can move comfortably to stand, sit and lay down stretched out.

Dog crates are an excellent way to keep your dog (and your house) safe.

Being adapted to a crate makes for a much better experience if you dog needs to be boarded or stay at a veterinary clinic.

Life can be surprising and crate training makes it easier to roll with the changes.

So What Does it All Boil Down to When Picking a Large or Extra Large Dog Crate?

Think through the specific needs you have for you home. The space you have, decor, door access to the crate.

Consider the specific needs of your dog such as adjustability, weather protection, exercise, and safety.

Invest the time in training your dog to accept the crate. Look to training videos and the humane society link above.

One crate may not fit all your needs. Buying two different crates may serve your needs better than trying to make one crate serve every purpose.

If you’re having trouble making it work consult with your veterinarian, they are a good resource for problem solving.

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After review of the extensive options for dog crates out there here is the top 10 list broken down into the categories you need to consider depending on your needs. We’ll compare them based on value, quality, safety, and convenience.

MidWest iCrate Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate
Who should consider this purchase?

This crate is a very good value for durability and ease of storage and portability for its price. We feel this is the best price large dog crate.

So here’s the details that matter to us:

  • Collapsable and has a convenient carry handle.
  • Convenient pan underneath for cleaning.
  • 48L x 30W x 33H inches, 43 lbs and 42L x 28W x 30H inches and 35 lbs.
  • The 48 inch dog crate will fit most giant breed dogs.

This kennel is durable for the average dog. Continue down to get some heavy duty recommendations.

A great feature is the included divider panel which allows you to adjust the size of the kennel to accommodate growing puppies.

The double door feature (side and front) allows some flexibility in location of the house such as against walls or in a corner.

This company comes with a 90 year history of making an improving pet supplies and offers a 1 year warranty.

This is the standard type wire kennel style that people are used to. They offer a lot of visibility for the dog to interact with the environment.

The can be covered to provide better quiet time for your dog.

Owners of this crate find it to be well made, spacious, easy to set up and easy to clean.


  • On the low end of the price point for large dog crates
  • Extra large dog crate is roomier than many others
  • Can be stored or transported with relative ease
  • Adjustable dimensions with divider


  • The wire gage is not extremely thick and dogs can break out.
  • At 35-43 lbs can be a bit heavy for travelling
  • Not for airline travel
Lucky Dog European Style Modular Kennel with Predator
Who should consider this product?

This is the luxury condo of dog cages and is heavily constructed for long term use for large and/or multi-dog confinement with room to move.

Let’s review the details:

  • No tools are required to connect the panels.
  • Modular design allows the panels to be attached in a variety of ways to change dimensions.
  • 120 x 60 x 72 inches in standard set up. It weighs 119 lbs.


The heavy duty construction offers a lot of protection for dogs that are outside.


This is a great design to allow for flexible set up to fit your space and give you dog room to move when they need to be contained.


The size of the kennel will allow even the biggest dogs to be able to move around and exercise a bit.


Purchasers have used it satisfactorily for protection from mountain lions and bears.

Owners of this kennel find it very sturdy, easy to assemble, and excellent protection for outdoor dogs.


  • Adjustable modular design
  • Allows for some exercise
  • Durable construction
  • Can add custom cover for shade or rain
  • Easy assembly


  • Limited 1 year warranty
  • Expensive


G1 Large Dog Crate
Who should consider this product?

For frequent travel, anxious dogs, escape artist this is going to be a crate you really should consider.

This crate comes with a Lifetime Warranty!

Here’s what makes it work:

  • The door is welded, powder coated, and reinforced with an aluminum frame including stainless-steel piano hinge and hexagonal door design keeps paws in and has a lock.
  • Backup Safety Latches: Top and bottom locks help contain even the greatest escape artist.
  • Meets general airline standards.
  • Inline rear wheels and sturdy handle to make moving easier
  • Super Strong Carry Handles
  • 40.25L x 28W x 33.25H inches exterior and 33.25L x 21W x 29H interior.

The double walled plastic construction and reinforced door is hard to chew and the reinforced doors make for a very difficult kennel for a dog to damage and escape from.

The details of design such as elevated feet for airflow and a recessed floor with a drain increase your dog’s comfort while travelling. Specially designed window vents prevent rain from getting in if the a storm comes up.

This company is serious about the quality durability and guarantee on their kennels.

Owners of this crate feel it is the sturdiest crate they’ve used.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Designed to prevent escapes or injury
  • Meets airline standards


  • One of the more expensive kennels
  • Heavy to transport (but does have wheels)
Petmate Sky Kennel
Who should consider this product?

This is a top value for a basic crate for non-destructive dogs.

Let’s look at the details:

  • At the low end of the pricing it meets the needs of airlines, and safe containment.
  • Works effectively for house training when purchased in the correct size.
  • Environmentally conscious construction with recycled materials.
  • 360 degree ventilation design for comfort and safety.
  • Travel stickers needed for airline compliance are included.

Though no kennel is perfect for every situation this one is reasonably priced, will meet most airline standards, is easy to move and easy to assemble.

Especially for home or light use this is a great deal.

For extensive traveling or a dog that is really tough on the crate consider a heavy duty dog crate.

There are multiple sizes available in the line to allow you to choose the kennel you need for your dog.

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Owners of this crate feel it does a great job for airline use overall.


  • Inexpensive but reliable for most uses.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Airline approved, signage included.


  • Aggressive chewers or anxiety dogs might break out.
  • Bolts that hold the top and bottom together are plastic (consider replacing with metal)
Heavy Duty Dog Cage – Lucky Dog Outdoor Pet Playpen
Who should consider this product?

This is a good value if you want some exercise space for your dog at a reasonable price.


I’m reviewing the 72 x 48 x 96 model but there are 2 other sizes if you don’t need quite as much space.


  • 1.5 inch raised legs for easy sweeping or hose spraying to clean underneath

This kennel includes a waterproof cover for rain and shade.

  • The assembly is tool free with prefabricated panels and clamps.
  • Big enough for any sized dog and/or room for 2 dogs in the kennel.
  • Can be used indoor or outdoors for large dogs to be kennelled.


This is a great moderate price option when you need some space but not the level of security of the heavy gage metal cages.


The modular design allows for the owner to customize the kennel to your personal area of use.

Owner of this kennel feel it’s a good value for quality and space.


  • Moderate price point
  • Easy assembly
  • Room for some exercise
  • Can be a 2 dog crate
  • Included rain cover


  • May not be strong enough for severe challenge
  • Not appropriate for house training
Advantek Original Pet Gazebo Outdoor Dog Kennel with Reversible Cover
Who should consider this product?​

This is a nice 60 inch dog crate that gives your dog some room to move without being huge. This is a good pick for a large or giant dog or 2 dogs that get along.

Let’s look at the details:

  • 60 x 60 x 60 dimensions.
  • Included weather resistant cover.
  • There is a tote bag option if you need something this big but want it to be mobile.

This crate has an appealing styling if you don’t want a big square or rectangle in your house/yard.

The design is an easy assembly with interchangeable panels that allows this such as connecting 2 units. It also comes in multiple sizes for different needs.

Owners of this crate feel it provides good space and good value for a large or extra large dog.


  • Moderate price point
  • Easy to assemble and move
  • Spacious for multiple dogs


  • Not very heavy and on a smooth surface a dog could move it.
  • Not appropriate for house training.
Pro Select Empire Cage - LARGE
Who should consider this product?

This is a good choice if you have a destructive dog and you want an open crate design.

Let’s look at what it has to offer:

  • The large cage is 40¾”L x 28⅛”W x 31¾”H

  • It comes with removable castor(that lock) so you can plant it or keep it mobile

  • Strong metal latches to decrease the risk of breakouts


The cage is constructed with 20 gauge steel that is designed to take some abuse and should hold up to even the most destructive dogs.


The slide out tray under the floor grate assist with convenient cleaning.


Owners of this crate like the heavy construction and value for a heavy duty crate.


  • Heavy duty for destructive dogs
  • Mobility with the castors


  • Very heavy crate (may or may not work for you)
  • Does not have the warranty that comes with the G1(Lifetime)
  • High price point for the size
  • Does not come with a divider so it can grow with a puppy
EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate, Indoor & Outdoor Pet Home, Multiple Sizes and Colors Available
Who should consider this product?

This is a great option if you have a crate trained non-destructive dog that you need to shelter or confine.

The lightweight construction makes this easier to travel with.

  • 42″ L x 28″ W x 32″ H and 18 lbs
  • Storage pockets for convenience
  • Included fleece pad and carry bag
  • 2 year company warranty

The crate comes fully assembled and it’s foldable for easy portability so there are no hassles, it’s ready to go any time.


The soft crate is designed with three mesh doors so it has good ventilation and makes it a good pick for a dog that needs protection from the sun on the go.

This soft dog crate comes with a lot of convenience features, color options makes a great travel crate.

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Owners of this crate feel it’s a good value for a dog that behaves in a crate.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • No assembly
  • Comes with fleece pad and bag
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty


  • Not suitable for house training
  • Not suitable for aggressive dogs or chewers
  • Does not meet airline requirements
Go Pet Club Soft Crate
Who should consider this product?

This is a basic no frills large soft dog crate. It’s a great option if you have a crate trained dog and need mobile confinement.

Let’s take a look at the details:

  • Comes in sizes that will fit extra large dogs.
  • Comes with a sheepskin mat and carry case.
  • 43″L x 28″W x 32″H and 15 lbs.
  • Screen ventilation on all four sides.


This crate is a great option if you need a little containment for a crate trained do without a lot of cost and a lot of weight to carry around.


The four side ventilation design means that it would be good to protect the dog from the sun/heat on the road or in the back yard.


This could be used for two dogs that get along when travelling.


Go Pet Club realizes that dogs are a part of our families and designs many pet products with the idea that where we go, they go.

Owners of this crate feel it’s a lot of space and great value for a travel crate.


  • Low end of the price range for crates
  • Very large options for extra large dogs
  • Packs small for portability and comes with a bag


  • Not suitable for house training
  • Would not safely contain an aggressive or anxious dog
  • No chew resistance
  • Does not meet airline requirements
Richell Wooden End Table Crate, Large, Dark Brown

This is my nod to the fashion crate. If you need to keep your large dog kennelled but you want something that won’t interrupt the decor of your house this may be the crate for you.

Here’s the highlights

  • Attractive wood construction.
  • Table top usability.
  • Removable tray for cleaning.
  • 29.9 x 41.5 x 29.5 inches


This is also a good option with small space if you need the dog crate to do double duty by being able to store things on top.


The open slats on all sides allow your dog to view the house and family in comfort and not feel closed in.


There is a side latch that holds the door fully open so no awkward door to bump into if you want to leave the cage open for the dog to come and go.

Owners of this crate feel it’s attractive and sturdy.


  • Stylish and dual purpose


  • Not adjustable for house training a growing puppy
  • Can be chewed through

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